Ice Fishing Clothes

Ice fishing is one of the most difficult sports that anyone can ever do. This activity requires people to don on their warmest fishing clothes and sit over a frozen body of water and cut a hole into the ice. Through that hole they will cast their small fishing pole and wait for a fish to nibble on it. The whole time they are fishing they are inside of a heated cabin that is on the ice.

Ice Fishing Pants

It would be impossible for anyone to do this without wearing the necessary clothes that would protect them from the harsh elements. One of the most important are the type of pants that they would wear. The best kind to get are the ones that are lightweight and use ripstop nylon.

This is thick and durable fabric that is waterproof and helps to keep you both dry and comfortable. It is not difficult to move around in these pants and it is designed with pliers pockets and ankle zips that help you to wear them over your boots. These will cost between $50 to $150.

Ice Fishing Gloves

You might be in a heated cabin when you are fishing – but you have to step outside sometime. It is best to find ice fishing gloves that are durable and use synthetic leather on the palm and neoprene on the backing. This is a high quality glove that will keep your hands warm and are not so thick that they get in the way.

They are designed with a full Velcro wrist closure that helps to keep the gloves secure and comfortable on your hands. These will cost around $20 for one pair and will last for years.

Ice Fishing Jacket

The fly fishing jacket will help to keep you protected on those days when it starts to rain or when you have to reach down into the water. It is ultra lightweight and is cut above the waist to make it easy for people who need to wade in the water. These are made to be waterproof and allow comfort after being soaked.

It is also designed with a full visibility hood, reversed stretch coat cuffs, and many zippered fly box pockets. These pockets are lined with fleece and will warm up your hands quickly. The jacket costs around $40 and is made using ripstop nylon.