Fly Fishing Clothes

Saltwater fly fishing is a method that people will use to catch trout, salmon, panfish, bass, and many more species. This is an ancient method that can be done in both fresh and saltwater. In order to be able to catch anything you need to have the right fishing poles – but also be wearing the proper clothing.

There are many different types of fishing clothes that you need to be wearing which will help you to accomplish the task of catching the fish that you want. This will include wearing the right shirt, vest, and jacket.

Fly Fishing Shirt

It is difficult to go anywhere without wearing a shirt that will protect your skin and keep you warm and dry. The fly fishing shirt that you use should be comfortable and light and fit well around your body. Never wear anything that is too large or too small. It is designed with UPF 30 to protect you from the sun and the fabric is stretch knit to allow for ultimate mobility.

The extended collar provides a way to keep your neck protected and shielded from the sun as you spend hours trying to catch your fish. The Raglan sleeves help to keep your movements fluid and easy as you cast your fishing pole and the integrated mesh allows your body to breathe and stay cool. This will cost around $50.

Fly Fishing Vest

The fly fishing jacket is on of the most popular fishing clothes that anyone will wear. This will cost around $30 and is made with 100$ polyester and quick dry mesh. There are a number of pockets that are lined up on the outside of the vest. This makes it easy for you to store necessary supplies. The collar is knitted and lightly padded for comfort and to protect your neck from the sun.

Fly Fishing Pants

These pants are made from 100% nylon and have zip off legs that turn into shorts. Each one has been treated with 50 UV that will help to keep you cool during the summer months. It uses a special type of fabric that makes it resistant to water and stains – but is easy and comfortable to walk around in. These cost around $30.